Community Involvement

The West Palm Beach community has welcomed our team from the beginning and we’re grateful to be a part of such a welcoming community. Not only have we become a trusted dealership near the Delray Beach area for shoppers that need a new Lexus or drivers who want high-quality OEM parts but we’re also a supportive pillar in the surrounding communities.



We participate in many different community events and our goal isn’t to just sell or maintain your vehicle but also to give back as much as we can. Discover all the different ways we’re giving back to the Lake Worth area and other communities across the nation today at Lexus of Palm Beach!

Giving Back To the West Palm Beach Community With Drive Pink

There is a slew of events that we participate in to support the Palm Beach Gardens community and beyond but one of the most important events that we take part in is Drive Pink. You may have seen Drive Pink on vehicle license plates and other forms of advertising but what is it? Drive Pink is an event that AutoNation dealerships participate in to raise awareness and donate money in collaboration with different cancer organizations all across the nation.

The DRVPNK mission is aiming to raise millions of dollars for cancer research and treatment and with your help, we can make an impact on those in our community affected by cancer. Discover the details of Drive Pink below:

  • Every October, our dealership and other AutoNation partners team up to deliver messages of hope to those fighting cancer.
  • With over 300 AutoNation stores all across the country, we’re making a difference by raising awareness and money with Drive Pink.
  • From day one, AutoNation associates and eligible dependents are offered company-paid cancer insurance.
  • To fight against cancer, AutoNation has raised $33 million dollars so far but there’s more work to be done.
  • The DRVPNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale continues to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and treatment in collaboration with the InterMiami CF American professional soccer club.

How To Support the DRVPNK Mission

The DRVPNK mission is making an impact on many communities all across the nation but there’s plenty more to do. With your help, we can make a bigger difference in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas to further drive out cancer. Find out more about how you can support Drive Pink below:

  • Every car that we sell or service is eligible to receive a free DRVPNK license plate cover. By simply working with our team, you can raise awareness for the DVPNK mission.
  • If you’ve been wanting to add some style to your wardrobe, do it with DRVPNK gear. A portion of the proceeds goes to cancer charities so you can not only make a difference by also raise awareness as well.
  • Talk to your friends and family about AutoNation stores and our Drive Pink events so they too can make a difference.

Support the West Palm Beach Community With Lexus of Palm Beach!

If you want to make a difference, you can start by working with our experts at Lexus of Palm Beach. When you work with our team, you’re getting excellent customer service and supporting our efforts with DrivePink. Get in touch with Lexus of Palm Beach today to find out other ways you can give back to the West Palm Beach community.


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