Express Service

We know how valuable your time is. So, AutoNation Express Service is dedicated vehicle care designed to get you in, out, and on your way – all without making an appointment.

Lexus of Palm Beach offers AutoNation Express Service for a number of Lexus vehicles. AutoNation Express Service are completed by our trained technicians so you have peace of mind knowing the Service will be thorough and meet Lexus quality standards.

Available Express Services:

Oil Changes

Changing the oil in your car should be completed on a regular basis. We’re here to help take care of that for you and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Performing an oil and filter change in your car or truck promotes the long-term health of your vehicle. Some of the key benefits of oil in your engine are:

  • Lubricates, protects, and extends the life of engine components.
  • Collects and removes engine sludge and small particles created by normal wear
  • Help keep vital engine components cool and protected from corrosion.

Oil and filter service intervals vary by vehicle model, engine type, and use. Speak with a service advisor if you’re unsure about your engine condition.

Tire Rotations

When you drive, your tires wear at different rates depending on which corner of the car they are on, the roads you’re driving on, and the weather you drive in. Tire rotation helps even out the wear on the tires, making them last longer and keeping you safer on the road. It’s important to rotate the tires even if they are not showing signs of wear, as the changes might be too small to notice with just your eyes. Our service technicians can get your tires rotated and get you back on the road in no time.

Multi-Point Inspections

A multi-point inspection will give you an overall report of your vehicle’s condition by one of our service technicians. Fluids, lights, battery condition, belts, brake pads, tire tread depths, and everything in-between. Get a comprehensive status report so you can be informed if there are any service issues that need to be addressed.

Basic Maintenance

Periodic vehicle maintenance is a critical part in prolonging the life of your Lexus vehicle. In addition to our multi-point inspection, other routine maintenance services are offered with Lexus Express Service. Our service technicians have the knowledge and appropriate tools and hardware to address any issues your vehicle may have.

Speak with a service advisor to find out if your vehicle maintenance items can be Express Serviced today.

Do I need to call ahead or schedule an appointment for AutoNation Express Service?

No need to call or book an appointment for AutoNation Express Service. Just pull up to our service lanes and speak with a service advisor to discuss your vehicle service needs.

When do I need an appointment?

We recommend scheduling an appointment for any service not listed above, and all major service or warranty repair needs.