Returning a Leased Car With No Stress

2022 Lexus ES


Have you decided it’s time to say goodbye to the car you’re leasing and move on to the next one? Or, maybe you just want to end your lease early without upgrading to a new car. Whatever your needs are, our experts are here to help. We’ll help you answer, “Can you return a leased car early?” among other lease return items so that you know exactly what to do to return your leased vehicle.

Our finance department has helped drivers from West Palm Beach and beyond with the end of lease process every day. Today, we’ll walk you through that lease return process below, including what to do when returning a leased car early.

We Can Help With Your Lease Return

If you’ve leased a new vehicle elsewhere and you’re curious about returning it at our lease center, we can most likely help. Of course, this depends on your specific leasing contract, but in most cases, you don’t have to lease your Lexus with us to return it with us. Meaning, if you’ve leased your Lexus from a different dealership, we can help you return it at ours so that you can benefit from our high-level customer service.

Returning a Leased Car – Lease Buyouts

If you’re looking to purchase your leased vehicle at the end of your lease return, some things to remember include:

  • Returning a leased car isn’t necessary if you want to buy it.
  • When you come in for your lease return, let us know you’re interested in purchasing your lease return vehicle.
  • There’s no need to worry about the paperwork as our finance department will help you take care of it.

Returning a Leased Car – Leasing a New Vehicle

If you’re interested in returning your leased vehicle for a different one and upgrading your Delray Beach adventures, we’ve got you covered. To start, you need to:

  • Pick out a new car from our inventory from the comfort of your own Lake Worth home.
  • Don’t forget to look over our lease specials.
  • When you’re ready, make an appointment for your return inspection.
  • Come in for your lease return inspection and then pick up your new lease.

Returning a Leased Car – Moving On From Your Lease

One of the last options you can choose when you’re returning a leased car is to simply turn it in and move on. This is one of the main advantages of leasing because there are no obligations at the end of your lease. Here’s what you need to know for returning your leased vehicle:

  • Schedule an inspection ahead of time so that you have a better understanding of anything you may need to fix before your lease contract ends.
  • Make sure you bring the necessary paperwork and items before you return your leased vehicle. 
  • Don’t forget to bring your keys, owner’s manual, maintenance receipts, and anything else that your vehicle came with when you leased it.

Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

Maybe you’re eager to move on to a newer car, but there’s still time left on your lease, can you return a leased car early? Returning a leased car early is possible in most cases, but there will likely be early termination fees. Check your lease agreement for details and talk to our finance department to see what your options are.

Talk To Us About Your Lease Turn-In Options

We’re here to help at Lexus of Palm Beach, whether you’re wanting to upgrade to a new car or are just interested in returning a leased car early. If you’re thinking about moving on to your next car, have you considered applying for financing online?? We’re just down the road from Palm Beach Gardens if you prefer to talk to us about financing vs. leasing. Feel free to drop by during our business hours or contact us today!

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