The Impressive Lexus Hybrids

Lexus NX Hybrid Vehicle Charging

Soaring gas prices have put a lot of West Palm Beach drivers in the market forLexus hybrids. We don’t blame them. The estimated gas mileage of many of the current Lexus hybrid models is quite impressive. The NX PHEV, which is a Lexus plug-in hybrid vehicle, gets the estimated equivalent of 84 miles per gallon. The great thing about Lexus hybrid cars is that they retain the same level of luxury as other Lexus models while being incredibly fuel-efficient during your Delray Beach drives. That includes the hybridLexus SUV models. Which Lexus models are hybrids? Keep reading to find out. 

Which Lexus Models are Hybrids?

Lexus hybrids come in three main varieties: Lexus hybrid cars or sedans, Lexus hybrid coupes, and hybrid Lexus SUV models. There is one Lexus plug-in hybrid in the bunch for the 2022 model year and that would be the NX PHEV SUV. You can expect that model to get the highest gas mileage of all the Lexus hybrid models, and thus provide the most economical Lake Worth commute. We list out which Lexus models are hybrids below:

Lexus Hybrid Cars

  • 2022Lexus ES Hybrid: Starting at $43,225 MSRP* and can get up to 44 mpg combined**.
  • 2022Lexus LS Hybrid: Starting at $113,075 MSRP* and can get up to 29 mpg combined**.

Lexus Hybrid Coupes

  • 2022Lexus LC Hybrid: Starting at $100,225 MSRP* and can get up to 19 mpg combined**.

Hybrid Lexus SUV Models

  • 2022Lexus UX Hybrid: Starting at $36,825 MSRP* and can get up to 39 mpg combined**.
  • 2022Lexus NX Hybrid: Starting at $42,625 MSRP* and can get up to 39 mpg combined**.
  • 2022 Lexus NX Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Starting at $57,225 MSRP* and can get up to 84 mpge***.
  • 2022Lexus RX Hybrid: Starting at $49,795 MSRP* and can get up to 30 mpg combined**. 

Come See the Lexus Hybrid Models at Lexus of Palm Beach

You can see the Lexus hybrids for yourself in our showroom. Come down and take one for a test drive. And, if you’d like to learn more, take a look at our post that goes into detail about theLexus NX Hybrid gas mileage. We’re just down the road from Palm Beach Gardens, so drop in today to meet your new car.


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