Lexus Models With a Third Row

2020 Lexus RXL Interior View

Aside from fuel efficiency, performance, cutting edge safety, and technology features, one of the true luxuries of a new SUV is ample space for everyone and everything you need along for the ride. Lexus drivers know this all too well, but if you’re looking for even more room in a Lexus model with third-row seating, you’re in luck. The Lexus three-row SUVs currently available are some of the best third-row SUVs around. They offer incredible amounts of room and luxury so that your Delray Beach adventures with your family are extremely comfortable and opulent.

Ready to learn more about some of the best third-row SUVs around? Lexus of Palm Beach is here to break down which Lexus three-row SUVs you should have your eye on. From the legendary new Lexus LX to the rugged but luxurious new Lexus GX, and even the modern and advanced new Lexus RX, discover your next third-row Lexus SUV with us, and then stop by our dealership today for a test drive!

Lexus LX

If you’re looking for a luxury model that promises a comfortable ride for everyone who steps aboard, then the Lexus LX is the ultimate Lexus three-row SUV. This spacious model is arguably one of the best third-row SUVs around and offers plenty of versatility as it serves as an 8 passenger third-row model.

Each row features more than enough room for each passenger, allowing you and your family to fully indulge on long Palm Beach Gardens drives. Even the cargo area of the latest Lexus LX provides plenty of room. Not that that’s a worry since you’ll get to enjoy impressive towing power when you choose this SUV. Check out the specs for the standard Lexus LX trim below:

  • Max Cargo Capacity: 81.3 cubic feet
  • Towing Capacity: 7,000 pounds
  • Headroom (Front/Middle/Back Row): 38.3 inches/38.9 inches/35.8 inches
  • Legroom (Front/Middle/Back Row): 42.9 inches/34.4 inches/28.3 inches
  • Shoulder Room (Front/Middle/Back Row): 61.0 inches/59.1 inches/62.3 inches
  • Hip Room (Front/Middle/Back Row): 58.8 inches/58.5 inches/56.6 inches
2020 Lexus LX Interior

Lexus GX

For a classic Lexus third-row SUV, the Lexus GX offers generous spacing for up to 7 passengers along with plenty of room to store your belongings. Leave nothing behind when you choose the impressive new Lexus GX SUV. Not to mention the Lexus GX offers all that room and versatility while still being incredibly capable on all types of terrain.

Find out more about the utility of the Lexus GX by giving our team a visit. Otherwise, see how much passenger space you can enjoy from the front row to the third row when you opt for the Lexus GX below:

  • Max Cargo Capacity: 64.7 cubic feet
  • Towing Capacity: 6,500 pounds
  • Headroom (Front/Middle/Back Row): 38.0 inches/40.4 inches/35.2 inches
  • Legroom (Front/Middle/Back Row): 41.7 inches/34.1 inches/29.3 inches
  • Shoulder Room (Front/Middle/Back Row): 55.4 inches/57.3 inches/54.5 inches
  • Hip Room (Front/Middle/Back Row): 56.5 inches/55.2 inches/43.1 inches
2020 Lexus GX Interior

Lexus RX

While the standard Lexus RX configuration is only fitted for 5 passengers, you have the option to upgrade to the Lexus RXL for when you need a third row. Choosing the Lexus RXL means you get to enjoy everything that a standard Lexus RX model offers with an expanded cabin to include room for up to 7 passengers. This also provides great storage space and towing power to carry along everything you need. Here are the specs for the Lexus RXL:

  • Max Cargo Capacity: 58.5 cubic feet
  • Towing Capacity: 3,500 pounds
  • Headroom (Front/Middle/Back Row): 39.8 inches/38.5 inches/34.8 inches
  • Legroom (Front/Middle/Back Row): 41.4 inches/30.9 inches/23.5 inches
  • Shoulder Room (Front/Middle/Back Row): 58.3 inches/57.8 inches/45.7 inches
  • Hip Room (Front/Middle/Back Row): 55.8 inches/55.8 inches/43.8 inches
2020 Lexus RXL Rear Interior

Find the Perfect Third-Row Lexus SUV at Lexus of Palm Beach Today!

After reading more about these stellar choices, are you ready to experience your very own Lexus third-row model on your West Palm Beach travels? At Lexus of Palm Beach, we’re proud to carry a wide inventory of the Lexus LX, GX, and RX for sale to provide the power, space, and luxury that you need. Check out other helpful features like where Lexus cars are made to learn more about this luxury brand. If you have any questions, our finance team is here to help and will also provide you with more information on how we’ll buy your pre-owned car. Contact us today for more information, or visit our Lexus dealership for additional information!

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