What Does the Lexus Maintenance Required Light Mean?

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Is the Lexus “Maintenance Required” light on your dashboard flashing? Don’t panic. It’s not time to pull over and call roadside assistance. Then, what does the Lexus “maintenance required” light mean? It just means that it’s time to bring your car into our West Palm Beach service center for regular maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at why the light is flashing, as well as how to reset the Lexus maintenance light.



So, What Does the Lexus Maintenance Required Light Mean?

Does the Lexus “maintenance required” light mean there’s something wrong with your car? No. Lexus recommends bringing your car in for maintenance every 5,000 miles in order to keep it running in top shape on our Delray Beach roads. So, your light may come on anywhere from 3,500 to 5,000 miles since your car was last serviced to remind you that it is time to schedule an appointment. Your service tech will reset the Lexus maintenance light once service is completed.

What Kind of Lexus Maintenance is Required?

So, what kind of maintenance is “required”? Our technicians will do the tasks below so that you can depend on your vehicle to get you back and forth on your Lake Worth commute. The good news is that your first and second maintenance appointments are complimentary depending on your specific model.

Regular Lexus Maintenance May Include:

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Rotation of tires
  • Checking and topping off fluids
  • Lexus-specified multi-point inspection

How Can I Reset the Lexus Maintenance Light Myself?

It’s best if a trained technician resets the light. But if the light is still on after your car has been serviced, you can reset it by following these easy steps:

How to Reset the Lexus Maintenance Light Yourself

  • Start the car
  • Change the odometer/trip display to “ODO” mode or “TRIP A” mode, depending on the layout in your Lexus
  • Turn the car off
  • Press and hold the “Trip Meter Reset” button while switching the ignition on
  • The maintenance light should blink, go solid, and then turn off
  • Take your finger off the “Trip Meter Reset” button
  • Turn off the car
  • Start the car again to make sure the light stays off

Trust Lexus of Palm Beach for Your Maintenance Needs

If your Lexus maintenance light is flashing, bring your car into our service center. We make getting your car serviced affordable and stress-free. Why not check out our service specials? We’re just a short drive away from Palm Beach Gardens. So, drop by or contact us today!

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