Can You Return a Leased Car Within 30 Days?

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So, you’ve just signed a lease on anew car, to suddenly find out that your circumstances have changed and it will now be a lot harder to make those lease payments. Or, maybe you have a sudden case of leaser’s remorse, what are your options? Can youreturn a leased car within 30 days? What about sooner? Can you return a lease after 1 day?

This scenario has happened to some West Palm Beach drivers and we’re here to help. Sometimes we’ve been asked, “Can I return a leased car within 3 days?” by customers who are under the impression that there is a grace period or cooling off period. Let’s see what the rules typically say and if it’s possible to cancel a car lease within 30 days.

Can I Return a Leased Car Within 3 Days According To the Contract?

As we said, we often find that Delray Beach drivers who ask, “Can I return a leased car within 3 days?” have a cooling off period in mind. However, you’ll find that many leasing contracts do not provide for a cooling-off period.

So, whether you’re wanting to cancel a car lease within 30 days or some other period of time, there is likely no protection for doing so, however, this, of course, does depend on your leasing contract. Does that mean you have no options? Let’s take a closer look.

Can You Return a Lease After 1 Day If You Really Need To?

Can you return a leased car within 30 days under extreme circumstances? What if you’ve barely driven it off the lot? Can you return a lease after 1 day? Your lease agreement will outline conditions for early return. If allowed, there is usually a penalty involved. Sometimes, the lessee is required to pay the entire lease amount. So, read your lease agreement carefully. And, if you have any questions, ask ourfinance department.

Are There Any Other Options to Cancel a Car Lease Within 30 Days?

Can you return a leased car within 30 days without going through all that expense? Some Lake Worth drivers in this situation have chosen to transfer their lease to someone who is willing to take over the payments. This may or may not be possible depending on the conditions outlined in your leasing contract. If possible, there may be a small penalty for doing this as well, but this is usually less costly than simply returning your vehicle before the lease is up. Just remember to check your lease agreement.

Talk To Our Finance Department at Lexus of Palm Beach About Your Options

We’re here to help, so come in and ask us anything you need to know about your lease options. Would you like to learn more? Check out our post onhow to return a leased car with damage. Or, if you think you might be more interested in buying a car instead of leasing, take a look at our post onhow financing works. We’re eager to help you get behind the wheel of your next car. We’re just a stone’s throw away from Palm Beach Gardens, so drop by or contact us today.


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