How to Clean Leather Car Seats

Wiping Down Leather Seat


There’s nothing like the style and luxury of quality leather seating, but proper maintenance is key to keeping your cabin in top-notch condition. Not sure how to clean leather car seats? No problem, Lexus of Palm Beach has everything you need. Our service team is here with tips and tricks to keep your leather seating in fantastic shape. Read on to get started!

Cleaning Your Leather Car Seats

Learning how to properly clean leather seats starts with the right tools and techniques. Leather may be durable, but you’ll need to get the right supplies to make it shine. Here are the basic steps to a thorough cleaning and conditioning:

  • Vacuum: Grab a vacuum to remove all the larger particles from the surfaces and crevices of your seats.
  • Clean: Next, apply a pH-neutral cleaning solution. Be sure to avoid the perforations. Use a microfiber cloth and soft-bristled brush to gently clean off the surface of your seating.
  • Condition: Finish off with a leather conditioner made specifically for vehicles. Use a clean microfiber cloth to work the product into the leather. 

What Cleaning Products Should I Use?

Your owner’s manual may have recommendations for your particular make and model, so it’s a good reference for your DIY maintenance tasks. However, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Use colorless rags on your leather to avoid marks, especially if you have a lighter-colored interior. You can also use a damp rag for occasional dusting or leather soap for more in-depth cleaning. While you can choose any manufacturer-approved supplies you wish, it’s important to avoid the following:

  • Sharp objects that may scratch
  • Household cleaner
  • Dark cloths
  • Detergents
  • Furniture polish

Other Tips and Tricks

Want to keep that cabin spotless? Here are a few extra tips from our service department:

  • Keep a travel-sized bottle of leather cleaner, along with clean microfiber cloths. This helps you treat stains and spills immediately, even when you’re on the go in Lake Worth.
  • Extreme temperatures can damage your leather. If you have a garage, it can help protect your car from temperature fluctuations and maintain your leather upholstery.
  • UV damage can also cause your leather to discolor and crack. When running errands in Palm Beach Gardens, try to find shaded parking spots to limit your sun exposure.

Find Out More with Lexus of Palm Beach

Whether you need more advice on how to clean leather seats or you’re ready to pick up supplies from our parts department, feel free to contact us with any questions. Our team can help you find just the right products for your vehicle and we can perform a professional detailing if you’d prefer to let the experts handle the job. Notice the “Maintenance Required” light is on in your Lexus? Find out what it means today with our service experts!

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