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Connecting to Lexus Bluetooth®: A User-Friendly Guide

2023 Lexus GX 460

When it comes to choosing a new Lexus vehicle in Delray Beach, where comfort meets innovation, stands your Lexus vehicle. With its remarkable features, including Lexus Bluetooth®, you’re in for hands-free calls and music streaming while cruising through Lake Worth. If you’re uncertain about tapping into the power of Lexus Bluetooth®, worry not. At Lexus of Palm Beach, we’ve got your back. Let’s walk you through the simple steps of connecting to Lexus Bluetooth® and unlock its convenience.

Step-by-Step: Connecting to Lexus Bluetooth® in 9 Easy Steps

Getting your Bluetooth® system up and running in your Lexus is a breeze, and while the exact steps might differ slightly based on your model, these general instructions will help most Lexus models with Bluetooth® technology:

  1. Start with Menu: Locate the Menu button on your Lexus infotainment system and press it.
  2. Navigate to Setup: Scroll through the options until you find Setup and select it.
  3. Pick Bluetooth®: Look for the Bluetooth® option in the menu and choose it.
  4. Add a Device: When prompted, add a new Bluetooth® device and confirm by selecting “yes.”
  5. Activate Your Device: Enable Bluetooth® on your device through its settings and connect to your Lexus.
  6. Choose Your Device: On the Lexus infotainment system, find and select your device’s name.
  7. Confirm the Pairing: Check that the PIN displayed on your Lexus matches the one on your device.
  8. Sync Contacts and Favorites: Allow your contacts and favorites to sync with the system.
  9. Congratulations! You’re Connected: Your Lexus Bluetooth® system is now connected, and you can enjoy its seamless features.

Simplified Smartphone Integration: Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™

Modern Lexus models take convenience a step further with smartphone integrations like Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. These features let you mirror your iPhone or Android device directly on your Lexus screen as you navigate Palm Beach Gardens. Here’s how to get connected:

Apple CarPlay®

  1. Enable Siri® Lock: Activate Siri® when your iPhone is locked in your settings.
  2. Connect with USB: Plug your iPhone into your Lexus using a USB cord.
  3. Turn On Apple CarPlay®: Access the Menu button on your infotainment system and enable Apple CarPlay®.
  4. Select Apple CarPlay®: Choose Apple CarPlay® from the options.

Android Auto™

  1. Get the App: Ensure you have the Android Auto™ app on your Android device.
  2. Set Up with App: Follow the setup process on the Android Auto™ app.
  3. Connect via USB: Connect your Android device to your Lexus using a USB cord.
  4. Access Android Auto™: Access Android Auto™ through the Menu button on your infotainment system.

Explore Cutting-Edge Lexus Technology at Lexus of Palm Beach

For those seeking a fusion of luxury and advanced technology in their West Palm Beach journeys, look no further than Lexus of Palm Beach. Discover our range of new Lexus hybrids and crossovers, where seamless connectivity awaits. Reach out to us today to dive into the world of innovative Lexus models and experience the future of in-car interaction.


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