Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil - What’s the Difference?

Mechanic Pouring Motor Oil into Funnel


What was supposed to be a simple, quick oil change just got complicated. That’s because the manager at the service shop just presented you with your synthetic vs. conventional oil options. How do you know which to choose? What’s the difference? Is synthetic worth the extra cost? What is the average cost of an oil change with synthetic oil?

Our West Palm Beach service center wants you to make informed choices, so we’ve put together a comparison below to help you with your synthetic oil vs. regular oil debate. But what about synthetic blends? We also do a full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blend comparison as well.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil – How They’re Made

Synthetic oil is produced by carefully engineering multiple chemicals on the molecular level to create a lubricant that will bring out the optimal performance of a car’s engine. What about conventional oil? It’s pumped out of the ground. It’s then processed in refineries to be used in various engines. That turns out to be an advantage for synthetic oil, especially since many of our Delray Beach customers are concerned about long-lasting oil changes.

Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil – How They Perform

Every synthetic vs. conventional oil comparison has to address viscosity. Viscosity measures how smoothly oil flows through an engine. In general, synthetic oil has additional additives compared to conventional, so it is able to flow better, or have more viscosity, in all temperatures. Synthetic oil also helps reduced gunk and builds up over time. All of this translates to better engine performance, including better gas mileage in many cases during your Lake Worth adventures.

Full Synthetic Oil vs. Synthetic Blend

The names of full synthetic oil and synthetic blend are self-explanatory – full synthetic oil is entirely synthetic, while a synthetic blend is a mix of conventional with synthetic. A synthetic oil vs. synthetic blend comparison boils down to two differences: cost and diminished performance. A synthetic blend is a less expensive option, but sacrifices some of the performance you would get from full synthetic oil. However, it is still more effective than straight conventional oil.

The Average Cost of an Oil Change with Synthetic Oil

So, what is the average cost of an oil change with synthetic oil? According to AAA, the national average of a synthetic oil change is $70. We find that it can range anywhere from $65 to $200 for a synthetic oil change. However, you’ll want to check out our service specials to get the best deal.

Trust Your Car to the Service Center at Lexus of Palm Beach

Is it about time to get your car’s oil changed? Schedule an appointment with our service center. We’ll be happy to explain the difference between synthetic and conventional oil. And, if you found this guide to be helpful, you might enjoy our other tips and advice, like our guide on how to clean leather seats. We’re just down the road from Palm Beach Gardens, and we’re here to help. So, swing by or give us a call!


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